Dritz(R) My Double Deluxe Dressform (20405) - Small Review

Dritz(R) My Double Deluxe Dressform (20405) - Small
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I attended school for apparel design, so I know that this form does not compare to the profesional wolf forms or superior model forms that range from 300-1000$.
Basically, if you are like me and have a symmetrical form and are relatively built like a dress form and are not intending to do a strenuous amount of sewing for professional reasons (unless this is to bide your time in the start up phase of a business), then great! You can probably go with one of the cheaper models out there.
However, remember that this model has a wonderful natural. more realistic hip section and mid section and separated leg area which makes it available for getting the hip area of pants correct. It also has a longer support pole, to keep your garment off the ground, or if you are tall. It is steam-able, rotates 360, and pinable. Remember to use a bra on the form that you intend to wear with the garment you are constructing. This will really help especially with strapless ensembles.
If you have a hard to replicate form, such as enlarged midsection, uneven shoulders, etc, consider a My Twin Dress form which is created to your specific body shape.
Otherwise, the my double deluxe works well enough for me.

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Choose from specially-proportioned body types for a perfect fit every time! Designed to fit pants plus all other types of garments: gowns, dresses, suits, tips & skirts. Features: Off-set center pole for hanging pants, shaped hips, bottom, and thighs for fitting pants. Longer pole to accommodate taller women, wedding dresses, and evening gowns. Extended shoulders for supporting and setting in sleeves, 12 rotating dial wheels at bust, waist, and hips (adjustments can be made in precise increments). Adjustable back waist length, adjustable neck with pin cushion, pin hem marker, foam-backed nylon cover for easy pinning & marking. Make a perfect fitting outfit everytime! This package contains mannequin and complete assembly, measurement, and operating instructions. Bust: 33" - 41", Waist: 26"-33", Hips: 36"-44", Back Waist Length: 14"-16", Neck: 14+".

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